Terms & Conditions

Parties involved in this agreement are as follows:

  • Site Visitor - An individual who frequents the website http://l-angele.com  with no intention of placing an Order.

  • User - A person, who visits the website, accepts the terms of this Agreement, and is interested in placing Orders at the Internet boutique http://l-angele.com.

  • Buyer - A User who has placed an Order through the Internet purchasing service http://l-angele.com. Seller -  L’Angéle buyer service (all legal specifics can be obtained by sending an email request or contacting our number).

  • Glossary:

  • Internet Boutique - This term refers to the seller's digital storefront. Located at a specific web address, this online platform showcases items, namely goods, that the seller offers for purchase. Additionally, it provides information on payment methods and goods delivery terms to potential buyers.

  • Website - http://l-angele.com.

  • Goods - This term encompasses a variety of items available for purchase through the seller's website. Predominantly, these include handbags, among other products.

  • Order - An order represents a request, properly placed by a buyer, to purchase specific goods displayed on the website. This request includes directions for delivering these goods to a specified address, typically facilitated via a courier service.

General Provisions

  • The Vendor effectuates the trading of Merchandise through an online purchasing platform at the location http://l-angele.com.

  • By securing Merchandise via the online purchasing platform, the Participant concurs with the conditions governing the sale of Merchandise, articulated herein (subsequently referred to as "Merchandise Sale Regulations"). In circumstances where the Participant disputes this current User Pact, they are compelled to immediately discontinue the service and exit the http://l-angele.com web platform.

  • The Pact could be subject to unilateral modifications by the Vendor without issuing a prior notice to the Participant/Purchaser. A novel iteration of the Pact comes into effect after a span of 10 (ten) calendar days post its public disclosure on the Website, barring any different specifications within this Pact's terms.

  • The regulations are recognized as accepted by the Web Visitor / Purchaser at the moment of the Visitor's enlistment on the Website, the Purchaser's Order submission without Website validation, and also upon the receipt of a telephonic order from the Purchaser at
    +44 7365 045951.

The retail buy-sell contract is perceived as finalized once the Vendor issues the Purchaser a fiscal or commodity invoice, or any alternative document affirming product procurement. By disclosing their email and phone number to the Vendor, the Web Visitor/Participant/Purchaser consents to the Vendor exploiting these communication tools for executing promotional and informational broadcasts encompassing specifics about markdowns on chosen items, imminent and ongoing promotional events, and other Vendor ventures, delivery status of orders, and other data explicitly tied to the Purchaser's adherence to obligations within these regulations.

The Essence of the Agreement

  • The crux of this Agreement revolves around furnishing the User with an opportunity to acquire Goods, intended for personal, familial, domestic, and other needs, as depicted in the online boutique catalog found at http://l-angele.com.

  • This Agreement extends to all kinds of Goods and services exhibited on the Website, as long as such offerings, complete with descriptions, exist within the online purchasing platform's catalog.

Website Registration

  • The process of registering on the Website unfolds in the Sign in/Register section.

  • Registration on the Website isn't a mandatory requirement to place an Order.

  • The Vendor doesn't bear any liability for the accuracy and correctness of the information offered by the User during the registration.

  • The User is duty-bound to abstain from sharing the login and password details, provided at the time of registration, with third parties. In situations where the User harbors suspicions about the security of their login and password, or the potential for their unauthorized use by third parties, the User is obligated to promptly inform the Vendor, by sending an email info@l-angele.com or calling the hotline at +44 7365 045951.

  • The User/Purchaser's interaction with the operator/managers and other representatives of the Vendor should be grounded in the principles of universally accepted decorum and communication etiquette. The explicit use of profane language, vituperation, offensive expressions, as well as threats and blackmail, regardless of their form or recipient, is strictly prohibited.

Merchandise and the Acquisition Procedure

  • The Dealer assures the presence of Merchandise on its online platform. Studio imagery accompanying the Merchandise serves merely as a rudimentary visual guide. Accompanying descriptors/specifications don't aspire to absolute informational completeness and might exclude certain details. For further elucidation about the Merchandise, the Purchaser is advised to engage customer assistance. The refreshment of data on the site takes place once every 24 hours.

  • In the circumstance where the Merchandise sought by the Purchaser is not available from the Dealer, the latter retains the right to exclude said Merchandise from the Order/annul the Purchaser's Order, notifying the Purchaser by dispatching an appropriate electronic message to the email or phone number provided at the time of enrollment.

  • In the instance of cancellation of an Order that has been partially or fully prepaid, the expense of the voided Merchandise will be reimbursed to the Purchaser by the Dealer via the initial payment method.

  • The Purchaser bears absolute responsibility for any erroneous data provision which leads to the Dealer's inability to adequately carry out its commitments towards the Purchaser.

  • Post placement of an Order on the online platform, the Purchaser receives information regarding the speculative delivery timeframe via an electronic message dispatched to the registered email, or through a phone call. The coordinator overseeing the said Order will validate Order specifics, agree on a delivery timeframe which hinges on the Dealer's capacity to procure the requested Merchandise and the time needed for processing and delivering the Order.

  • The tentative date for the Order transition to the Delivery Service is communicated to the Purchaser by the assigned coordinator through the Purchaser's registered email or phone contact.

Transportation of Purchased Items

  • The "Order Transportation" section on our Website discloses the methods and potential timeline for the transit of Items. The exact delivery schedule can be mutually agreed upon by the Consumer and their assigned manager during the stage of order approval.

  • The shipping coverage for Items displayed on our Website covers certain countries excluding some where delivery is not possible. For a detailed clarification, please connect with your designated liaison.

  • Delivery hold-ups might occur due to unpredictable events beyond the Seller's control.

  • Upon delivery, the order is given to the Consumer, identified in the order as the beneficiary (henceforth the 'Beneficiary'). If receipt of an order paid via online transaction is not possible, the order can be given to a third party who can provide details about the order (shipment identifier and/or the Beneficiary's full name) after providing a valid reason for this action to the personal liaison.

  • To avert fraudulent activities and uphold obligations stated in section 5 of this Agreement, the party delivering the prepaid order may ask for a document certifying the Beneficiary's identity, and record the category and serial number of the provided document on the order's receipt. The Seller ensures the preservation and protection of the Beneficiary's personal data.

  • The risk of unintended loss or damage to the Item shifts to the Consumer at the point of the order's handover and the Beneficiary's signature on the delivery confirmation papers. In case the order fails to be delivered, the Seller reimburses the Consumer the total value of the prepaid Order and delivery expenses upon receipt of the lost order confirmation from the Delivery Service.

  • Each Order's delivery fee is determined individually, based on the Item's weight, delivery region and method, and, when required, the method of payment.

  • The Seller's obligation to transfer the item to the Buyer is deemed fulfilled at the moment the courier hands over the Item to the Beneficiary or the Beneficiary receives the Item.

If there are any claims regarding the delivered Item (missing components, discrepancies from the order list, manufacturing defect, or any other claims), a non-conformity report is drawn up by the delivery personnel at the Beneficiary's request. If no such claims are lodged by the Beneficiary, the Seller is considered to have fully and appropriately executed their duty to deliver the Item.

In case of a return of the delivered Item via the delivery service due to claims against the Item, the Beneficiary must attach the following documents to the Shipment containing the returned Item:

  • A copy of the non-conformity report;

  • A copy of the order list;

  • The return form.

  • When accepting the Order from the courier, the Beneficiary must inspect the delivered Item to confirm the correct quantity, range, and completeness of the Item, as well as verify the service life of the delivered Item and the integrity of the packaging. If no complaints are raised against the delivered Item, the Beneficiary signs the "Order Delivery Form". Signing delivery documents indicates that no claims against the Item were made by the Beneficiary, and the Seller has fully and properly fulfilled their obligation to transfer the Item.

  • The courier's stay at the Beneficiary's address is limited to 10 minutes.

  • The Item presented on the Website, in terms of quality and packaging, matches the descriptions on the site and information provided by company employees, as confirmed by the appropriate documents (certificate, receipt, etc.).

  • The delivery date, time, and route, if needed, can be clarified with the personal liaison who contacts the Buyer to confirm the Order.

  • The User understands and agrees that: The provision of delivery is a separate service, not an integral part of the Item purchased by the Buyer, the execution of which ends upon the Beneficiary receiving the Item and paying for it (if the delivery wasn't prepaid). Complaints about the quality of the purchased Item, arising after receipt and payment for the Item, are considered in accordance with the terms outlined on the website and the Seller's warranty obligations. In this regard, purchasing an Item with delivery gives the Buyer the right to demand the delivery of the purchased Item for warranty service or replacement, allows for warranty service or replacement of the Item by sending the Item to the Seller, and assumes the possibility of returning the Item in cases where the Buyer has the right to a refund for the Item as such.

Product Payment

  • The product's cost is listed in Euros or Dollars, inclusive of the Value Added Tax.

  • The product's price is displayed on the Website. If an incorrect price has been assigned to a product the Buyer has ordered, the Seller will notify the Buyer to confirm the Order at the revised price or cancel it. In situations where the Buyer cannot be reached, the respective Order is deemed cancelled. If the Order has been prepaid, the Seller will reimburse the amount using the initial payment method.

  • The Seller reserves the right to modify the product's price on the Website unilaterally. This could also affect products the Buyer has already ordered; in such a scenario, the personal curator will always inform the Buyer about the modification when confirming the Order. However, the price of a product already paid for by the Buyer remains constant. The product's price does not vary by region.

  • Special characteristics of paying for a product with bank cards:

  • The bank is responsible for the authorization of transactions made using bank cards. If the bank suspects a fraudulent operation, it may refuse to proceed with the transaction. Fraudulent transactions involving bank cards are subject to criminal legislation.

  • To prevent potential misuse of bank cards during payment, all Orders made on the Website and prepaid via bank card undergo verification by the Seller. To confirm the identity of the cardholder and their right to use the card, the Seller may request the Buyer who placed such an Order to provide identification, as well as documentation proving the transfer.

  • The Seller can introduce discounts on Products and design a bonus scheme. The nature of discounts, bonuses, as well as the manner and conditions of their accrual, are outlined on the Website and can be revised by the Seller unilaterally.

  • When the product is delivered, its overall cost is increased by the delivery fee, as specified in the "Order Delivery" section.

  • The Seller maintains a record of the Orders redeemed by the Buyer. If the Buyer has informed the Seller about their decision to change the purchase before payment and redemption of the product, such a product is considered not picked up. If the Buyer has informed the Seller of this after starting the redemption of the Order at the boutique, the product is deemed declined. The Seller retains the right to suspend the Order service for such a Buyer.

Product and Money Reimbursement

  • The reversal of product transactions follows the "Refund Guidelines," more details of which can be found through our Customer Service.

  • Refund of products not meeting standards for quality/looks/features.

  • The consumer has the privilege to renounce the product at any time upon its receipt, within a 14-day period, excluding the day of acquisition. The return of a product not meeting quality standards can happen if it maintains its sellable condition, its consumer qualities, along with a document that certifies the payment facts and buying terms of the particular product.

  • If the consumer rejects the product as per clause 7.2.1., the Merchant refunds the complete cost of the returned product, inclusive of a fraction of the Merchant's expenses associated with the delivery of the product being returned, within ten days from the date the returned product is received by the Merchant, along with the filled return request form by the consumer.

  • The Merchant has an obligation to refund the money spent on the returned product within five days since the day of the product's return.

  • Refund happens by reimbursing the cost of the purchased product to the consumer's bank card or through a method that is convenient for the consumer. The method should be mentioned in the corresponding field of the product return request form, available from Customer Service.


  • The Merchant doesn't hold responsibility for any damage inflicted on the consumer due to the improper use of the products procured through the Online Buyer Service.

Agreement Terms Validity Period

  • This Agreement becomes operational from the moment it's accepted by the Website Visitor/Consumer, and lasts until the acceptance of the terms is withdrawn.

Additional Terms

  • The Online Buyer Service might temporarily be partially or completely inaccessible due to preventative or other kinds of maintenance or any other technical causes. The Merchant's technical team has the right to occasionally conduct necessary preventative or other operations with a prior announcement to the consumers.

  • If the User/Consumer has any queries or complaints, they must contact the Merchant through phone or email to Customer Service. All disputes that arise will be tried to be resolved via discussions. If a consensus isn't reached, the dispute will be taken to a judicial authority for deliberation.

  • Any provision of this Agreement being deemed void by a court doesn't cause the remaining provisions to be invalid.

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